Rijksmuseum on Museumplein in Amsterdam

Amsterdam attractions are an integral part of what makes Amsterdam such a desirable place to visit. The rich history, culture, canals and architectural design of the city has created a beautiful city. Visitors are astounded by the wonders of Amsterdam. From the beautiful and imposing architecture of the Rijksmuseum to the vibrancy of the atmosphere, there is so much on offer

The rich history of the city over the past 800 years is seen at every turn as you navigate Amsterdam. Whether you love art and museums, or markets and green spaces are your thing, Amsterdam caters to everyone. Every year millions of visitors are captivated by Amsterdam’s beauty and wish to visit again and again. 

What do Amsterdam Attractions have to offer

One aspect of Amsterdam it is most well known for is the canals. These beautiful scenic canals are a UNESCO World Heritage site. The canals define the city as the design of the city navigated itself around these picturesque and scenic waterways. With the canals lined by the Dutch canal houses and the various bridges that traverse the water, it is easy to see why the canals lure visitors to the city.

The sights of the city show its rich history. From the Royal palace on Dam Square to Central Station, the Rijksmuseum to Ann Frank House, there are so many of these sites to enjoy. Each of these locations give a window into the rich heritage of the city. 

Amsterdam is full of marvels in architecture. Throughout the city you will find medieval and renaissance style architecture mixed with beautiful modern design. The churches, the museums, central station, the canals and bridges, the houses people live in, there are so many captivating buildings of architectural beauty.

Culturally there is so much on offer in Amsterdam. The city is renowned for art, with Museumplein boasting the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. There is the Nemo museum, the Hermitage, the Concertgebouw and the Dutch National Opera and Ballet. Many wish to visit the Anne Frank House, the National Maritime Museum or the Sloten Windmill.

Markets and Green Spaces

Green spaces in Amsterdam are also an enjoyable experience. There are many parks and green spaces found throughout the city. These parks offer a sanctuary for residents for exercise, a gentle stroll, to enjoy nature and moments of relaxation. It is quite extraordinary how Amsterdam has been able to incorporate these beautiful open spaces naturally into the cities urban landscape. From Vondelpark and Museumplein to Oosterpark and Rembrandtpark, there are so many green spaces  to enjoy. 

For those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of local markets, there are many in Amsterdam to visit. Here you can sample the true delights of Amsterdam culture and food. The most well known of these markets is the Albert Cuyp Market, but there is also the Ten Kate market and the Dappermarkt among others. 

Overall, there is so many Amsterdam attractions to see and visit that you will find yourself limited on time to enjoy all those on your itinerary. Amsterdam has so much to offer and enjoy, there is something to engage all your senses and build a lifetime of wonderful memories.