Amsterdam Walking Dinner Food Tour

If you are looking for food and drink in Amsterdam, then you will find a wealth of choices on offer. Whether you are looking for a quick stop off for a coffee and a light bite, or a full meal and alcoholic beverage, you will find something for all tastes. 

Amsterdam has a city feel and cafe culture. Whilst you are travelling around the city taking in the sights there is always a cafe close by to stop and rest with a drink. For lunch and dinner, there are also a wealth of restaurants at various locations throughout Amsterdam. This means you are never far away from somewhere to have a satisfying and filling meal to recharge your energy.

Amsterdam Cafe Culture

Amsterdam is a city of many cultures. This means that there is a wealth of baristas from around the globe who wish to live and work in Amsterdam. The result is a cosmopolitan cafe culture offering a wide variety of cafes to choose from. You can find traditional Dutch brown cafes, chic bistro’s, speciality coffee cafes and rooftop terraces. The list of cafe types in Amsterdam is as endless as the attractions and experiences in the city. 

Screaming Beans Cafe Amsterdam Specialty Coffee

Each cafe comes with its own unique ambience and atmosphere. There is a mix of a general relaxed atmosphere of a cafe chain, to the vibrant or quirky atmosphere of local speciality coffee cafes. Whether its on a park, by the canals or on the expensive P.C. Hooftstraat, there are cafes everywhere. 

The Amsterdam cafe culture is woven into the fabric of the city. From residents to visitors, everyone likes to kick back, relax and socialise over a coffee or mint tea. The cafe culture is integrated into the relaxed and open atmosphere ingrained in the city. 

Amsterdam Food Culture

The dining scene is culturally diverse with cuisine influences from across the globe. For quick bites on the move like Dutch bitterballen and frites (fries) to Turkish borek, you will find so many different street food types. For fine dining you will find just as many options. Suriname, Indonesian or Moroccan amongst many others are on offer, many with a contemporary twist if you are looking for something less traditional. 

The atmosphere of each restaurant is also very different. Many Amsterdam restaurants are easy going, relaxed affairs for those simply seeking good food and enjoyable company. For those seeking a more fine dining experience, there are also up market restaurants offering high quality food, including at least 23 Michellin star restaurants.  

If you are vegetarian or vegan, Amsterdam will also have you covered. There are a large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. 

Sustainability and local produce are an integral part of the restaurant scene in Amsterdam. A number of restaurants pride themselves on using local fresh ingredients, sourced from farms in the region. This influences the dishes they serve and means the menu changes with the seasons. There is also focus on sustainability, with restaurants putting attention on reducing food waste and packaging. This means you can be sure that it’s not just the quality of the food, but also the environment  a large number of restaurants think about.

Are you are looking for food and drink in Amsterdam? Then don’t worry as there is something for everyone and always somewhere close by to enjoy.