amsterdam private bike tour

Why choose an Amsterdam bike tour when there are many different ways to see the city? By land and by the water, there are so many different ways to enjoy a guided tour of Amsterdam. An Amsterdam bike tour however, is one of the most immersive ways to experience the history, culture and atmosphere of the city. Added on that it gives wonderful memories that make your trip to Amsterdam a true adventure. 

Given Amsterdam is synonymous with bikes, there is no better way to experience all of the city. Other options for a guided tour offer the ability to see some parts of the city, but you can get everywhere in Amsterdam on a bike. 

Why Take an Amsterdam Bike Tour?

Amsterdam is renowned for its biking culture and the infrastructure that supports this. Everywhere in the city is designed with bikes in mind, bikes have their own lanes and traffic lights. Bike parking is also available on nearly every street. There is no quicker way to get around Amsterdam.

Having a guided Amsterdam bike tour is informative and fun. As someone new to Amsterdam, it can be daunting to think of hiring a bike and exploring alone. Guided tours offer you the knowledge and support of your guide as you traverse the city by bike. The guide also has the knowledge of the sights Amsterdam has to offer, along with the history, culture and architecture. 

Even whilst cycling between the sights of Amsterdam, you will be surprised by how scenic the cycling routes are. With the famed canals and beautiful old buildings integral to your journey, there is so much to see whilst travelling. This makes the bike tour even more of a reason to get into the saddle. 

A bike tour is also relatively inexpensive. Even a private tour in a group becomes a low cost per person event. This makes it an affordable way to have a guided tour of the city to plan into your travel itinerary.

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