Amsterdam boat tour

A trip to Amsterdam has to include an Amsterdam canal cruise. It is the quintessential “must do” activity when you visit the city. Amsterdam has been designed and grown around the canals built in the 17th century. These four canals form the heart of the city, creating a horseshoe shape enveloping Amsterdam’s centre. 

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the canals offer a unique view of the city from the water. There is a calm to being in Amsterdam on the canals, you see the city in a different perspective. It’s interesting to see the hustle and bustle of the city, in the serene setting of the water. The water is a place where time seems to slow down and your mind can take in the full sights and sounds of Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam boat tours are the perfect way to transport yourself back in time to discover the history of Amsterdam. You will get to enjoy the old bridges of the city, the typical Dutch architecture houses and so much more. 

Whether you choose to go on a bout tour by day or night, a sightseeing trip or one complete with food and drinks, a public tour or private canal boat, there are Amsterdam boat tours for everyone.

Finding Your Amsterdam Boat Tours

Our recommendation is to think about what you want from your cruise on the canals. There are a number of different tours offering varying lengths in duration and journey, visiting a number of different landmarks and points of interest. Also think about time of year and the weather, a number of boat tours offer open or closed boat trips. A closed boat is perfect for those rainy days outside of the Summer season, whilst an open boat is wonderful in those dry Summer months.

Knowing the importance of an Amsterdam canal cruise in anyways itinerary, we have spent time working with great boat tour operators in the city. You will find a number of canal trips in our boat tours. These tour cover all the great options you may be looking for. We hope you get to sit back and relax on the canals and enjoy one of these great trips!

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