Amsterdam city tours with windmills

An Amsterdam bus tour is an exciting and relaxing way of seeing the city. Being in the comfort of a bus as you travel around at your vantage point allows you to soak in the sights.

Bus tours are convenient, allowing you to explore the city in a short period of time at little exertion. The routes are mapped and the tour will let you know the route. Alternatively they may give you a route map of the journey. Most of the popular landmarks are reached by a bus, so there are very few of the popular landmarks you will not see.

Why an Amsterdam Bus Tour

A bus tour offers flexibility in a number of ways. Public tours usually allow for a hop on, hope off approach so you can leave at various points on the journey. Private tours will be catered to your desires so particular landmarks can be included in your itinerary. Whether you want to see the Royal Palace, Rijksmuseum or Anne Frank House, all of this is possible. 

In Addition to seeing the sights, you will also be able to enjoy the facts and opinions of your guide. Your guide will know all the information about the key landmarks and places in the city to bring to life the history, culture and architecture of Amsterdam.

As well as the known sights of Amsterdam, you will also get to enjoy traversing the neighbourhoods of the city. These beautiful areas of the city where the residents live are as integral to the culture. They also add to the vibrancy of Amsterdam as much as the main attractions.

An Amsterdam bus tour is an affordable and cost conscious way of exploring the city. The cost is affordable and the value is high. You will get to see so much of the city at low cost. You will enjoy comfort and convenience whilst exploring the city!