Amsterdam Walking Dinner Food Tour

An Amsterdam food tour takes you on a journey of Amsterdam’s rich history through the taste of delicious food. From the main staples of Dutch cuisine to a melting pot of rich cultures, Amsterdam has a diverse palate of flavours on offer. The culinary landscape of Amsterdam is rich and varied, offering you a journey of immersive tastes. 

Embarking on an Amsterdam food tour will leave you with an experience that embraces and activates all of your senses. You will be sure to have a memory of a lifetime!

Why an Amsterdam Food Tour

All food tours of the city are guided. The result is that you will have a local who can tell you all about the rich history of Amsterdam’s cuisine. This cuisine starts with Dutch food like Stroopwafels and Haring. It also whisks you off to far flung places like cuisine from Indonesia, Morocco and Suriname. The guide will not only tell you about the food, but also its origins and that of some of the places you visit.

One of the wonders of a food tour is that you will get to visit hidden gems. These are places you simply would not have found as a tourist in Amsterdam. They are somewhere the locals know and love but visitors never find. These hidden spots will elevate your experience of the city, because it takes you away from the usual tourist haunts. 

A food tour is such an immersive and interactive experience. You won’t simply go to a restaurant and eat. You will hear the history of the food and the location of the food, you will get to enjoy markets, artisan locations and seasoned restaurants. 

Food brings people together. Not only will you get to enjoy the company of other food enthusiasts in your group or a wider group (for public tours), you will also get to meet the locals and vendors at the locations. You will break bread with new people and share stories on your culinary journey.

A food tour in Amsterdam is a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. It is unique as a tour and in a unique city rich in history and culture.

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