Rent a bike in Amsterdam and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of walking around the city. Do you want to truly experience Amsterdam? Then jumping on a bike and travelling around on two wheels is the only way. 

Amsterdam and bikes are synonymous, with Amsterdam known as the city of the bikes. Young and old alike can be seen pedaling along the bike paths or around the parks of the city. You can even see the unique bakfiets (box bike). You will see parents shuttling their kids around in bikes with boxes on the front for multiple children.

The city boasts a network of over 400 kilometres of bike lanes. Some of these bike lanes offer the most unique experiences. Examples of this are cycling around Vondelpark or cycling through the Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam is called the city of bikes. This makes sense when you realise that there are more bikes in the city than people who live there!

Why Rent a Bike in Amsterdam?

To rent a bike in Amsterdam is to give yourself freedom to explore the city in the same way a local does. Because of the unique shape of Amsterdam, it is quicker to travel across the city on a bike. Added on that the city is designed for cyclists with bikes having their own paths marked by their unique dark red colour. 

If you are comfortable riding a bike then make sure you rent a bike in Amsterdam to compliment your trip. You will find that your world in Amsterdam will expand in options by cycling around the city. You will also have more time to enjoy the sights and delights the city has to offer. 

Choosing to rent a bike in Amsterdam will be one you will not regret. The cost is relatively low to rent on a per day basis and gives you another option in how to navigate the city. 

Tips for Safe Cycling in Amsterdam

Use the correct lane: The bike lanes follow the format of the roads, therefore use the correct lane for the direction you want to go in. Many of the lanes are clearly marked. When in lane and with a group, cycle in signal file to make way for other cyclists to pass. 

Follow the rules: Cycle on the bike paths (not the road or footpaths), follow the traffic lights and ensure you use front and bike lights after dark. Don’t do the same as the locals. They may cycle through traffic lights or use the footpath, it’s not correct and can land you in trouble or worse!

Signal your intentions: When looking to turn, always make sure you use hand signals. This makes it clear you are going to turn. It’s important when cycling to make clear you are looking to turn left or right by putting your hand out. This way you prevent accidents.

Tram Rails are the enemy: Always ride across tram rails at an angle. If you do not then expect your bike tyre to get stuck, or it could be worse and you get a puncture. 

Park your Bike correctly: It’s not only when cycling you have to be mindful. When parking your bike, you should always park your bike in the designated areas. One parked, always lock your bike to something sturdy making it hard to steal. 

Commuter Traffic; Finally, be aware of the commuter traffic! Between 08:00 and 09:00, or 17:00 and 18:00, the city is a sea of bikes with the school run and people travelling to work. We suggest not travelling at this time as it can be daunting with the pace and volume of bikes around you.

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