Amsterdam Walking tour

Making your own itinerary and walking around Amsterdam can be fun. However, an Amsterdam walking tour offers so much to compliment your visit. Combining the freedom of exploration with an Amsterdam walking tour will give you the best of both worlds. It will ensure you do not miss out on the secrets Amsterdam has to offer. 

Each and every walking tour in Amsterdam has been crafted with a specific purpose. You may want a private tour developed to cover the basics of the sights on the city. You could be looking for a walking tour specific to the De Wallen (Red Light District). Simply put, you can find a walking tour curated to cover any of your needs in viewing and finding out more about Amsterdam. 

Why an Amsterdam Walking Tour?

Walking tours are leisurely, they do not require much effort and are relaxing. More than this, walking tours can take you to places that boats, buses and trams simply cannot. There are so many nooks and corners of Amsterdam to explore that only doing so on foot can achieve. 

The city has been built on a rich mix of history, culture and folklore, all centred around maritime trade. This mixture has built the beautiful city we get to enjoy today. Developing the physical spaces in the city through the last 800 years has also meant building around the canals and expanding as time progressed. Walking tour’s take you around the inner sanctum of the canal district, but also into the wider neighbourhoods where the city’s history was born. These neighbourhoods can sometimes be so close to see, but missed by those trying to explore by themselves. 

Not only do you get to see the sights of Amsterdam based on the walking tour of interest, you will also get the local knowledge of these locations. All the tours in the city offer the facts on locations, mixed with folklore stories and personal opinion of the guides. The guides will also field questions and give their personal view of the city. 

There are so many reasons to include a walking tour in your itinerary.

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